Welcome to Healthier Tomorrows
We partner with our clients to help them develop a healthy relationship with food and their body.
We believe food can truly be powerful medicine, and we provide creative ways to nourish the body and promote optimal wellness.
We provide support, information, tools and motivation to assist our clients in reaching their health and wellness goals.
We believe in a comprehensive approach to wellness, include stress reduction, improved sleep and self-care, along with balanced and nourishing meals.


Welcome to Healthier Tomorrows!

We are a group nutrition practice located in Chicago, Illinois.  We believe in helping each of our clients reach their health and wellness goals through comprehensive, collaborative and individualized care. We specialize in nutrition therapy for eating disorder and addiction recovery, as well as weight management, food allergies and sensitivities, improved fertility, and enhanced energy, vitality and mood.

Along with individual nutrition counseling sessions Healthier Tomorrows also offers workshops, group sessions, meal support, and experiential activities such as cooking lessons and grocery store tours.

We provide information, support and motivation to empower our clients to make the lifestyle choices that will help them feel their very best. We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you on your wellness journey!

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561 West Diversey Parkway
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Healthier Tomorrows provides individualized, collaborative and comprehensive nutrition services.


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